Garażowa wytwórnia toreb rowerowych i akcesoriów do bikepackingu.

Big Dagabum Cage (one piece)


The Dagabum cage is a minimalist “anything cage” type rack, designed to be mounted on the front fork. Its slim shape also allows it to be attached to a frame. Dagabum cage is a platform for stable transportation of cargo with a maximum weight of 2kg and a maximum circumference of 46-48cm. The cage is made of laser-cut aluminum. has been powder-coated.

Mounting with either two or three screws

Dagabum Cage comes with two 50cm long transport straps.


The basket is best used together with a fork bag, which can be purchased separately.

Made in Poland

In stock


Dagabum cage

Dimensions: 230mm*50mm*38mm

Weight: 70g

3mm aluminum

Painting: powder coating, textured matte black colour

M5*14mm steel bolt 3pcs.

Transport strap

Material: nylon webbing of Polish manufacture (Pasamon)

Regulator: ITW NEXUS

Dimensions: length 50cm, width 2cm

Weight: 15g/piece

Two transport straps are added to the cege.




The Dagabum cage is designed only for mounting to a bicycle. The ideal place for this gear is on the front fork, but you can test other places on the frame. Do not mount it on a motorcycle, car, scooter or other vehicles. This risks disability, death or worse, a failed bicycle trip!

Dagabum cage is not designed to be mounted on children’s bicycles.

Bicycle frames and forks are different, so always stick to their limitations. If you are not sure if the cage can be hung where you want it, ask your mechanic. Steel frames allow for experimentation. Sports bike, with a shaded frame is better left alone and mount the basket only on the fork. Do not exceed the weight of 2kg of cargo.


The cage can be attached to the frame/fork with a screw or zip ties…. Always try to secure the frame/fork before mounting (with tape or washers). When you mount the basket with screws, be careful about the strength of the threads in the fork/frame (there is usually a marking with the maximum screwing force). It is best to mount the basket with three screws. If you have only two holes in the fork, it may mean that the maximum weight of the load you are carrying may be less than 2kg (in this case, consult your mechanic). When you assemble the basket with tritecks, tighten them by hand. Then you are sure that you will not damage your damper. If you are tightening the trithets with a tool, remember not to overdo the force. The best way is to fix the cage with four tritecaps. Tighten the washer so that the closed tritetone does not touch the frame/damper at any point.

CARBON FRAME/FORK: do not use tritones, screw the cage in place and with the force provided by the frame/fork manufacturer.



Try to drive with a load. Remove the cage after the trip.

When driving “empty”, never leave the transport straps in the cage.

Try to squeeze the load as much as possible. During the trip, check from time to time for
looseness. It is best to carry soft items such as clothes, mats, towels, sleeping bags, a tent (without poles), etc.