Garażowa wytwórnia toreb rowerowych i akcesoriów do bikepackingu.

Set no. 1


Two bags made of TPU coated nylon and four pieces of Dagabum Mini is an ultra-light set with which you can build your front fork. 11-12 liters for about 2 kg of clothes or other soft items.





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Strap anchor

Dimensions: 55mm*45mm*3mm

Holes for threading the strap have dimensions: 40*4mm; 30*4mm and 30*4mm

Weight of one piece: 18g

3mm aluminum

Painting: powder coating, textured matte black colour


Waterproof front fork bag

Material: NYLON 210D TPU


Body: welded

Completely waterproof when rolled up three times.

Dimension: diameter approx. 46cm, height of the filled bag approx. 55cm, capacity after rolling the closure three times approx. 5-6l, recommended load weight (with Dagabum Mini) up to 1kg

Weight: 100g



Material: nylon webbing of Polish manufacture (Pasamon)

Regulator: ITW NEXUS

Dimensions: length 55cm, width 2cm

Weight: 17g


M5*14mm steel bolt



W skład zestawu nr 1 wchodzą: cztery sztuki Dagabum Mini, dwa worki transportowe, cztery pasy mocujące i cztery śrubki. Waga całości: ok 330g




Dagabum Mini is designed to be attached only to a bicycle. The ideal place for this gear is on the front fork, but you can test other places on the frame. Do not mount it on a motorcycle, car, scooter or other motor/electric vehicles. This risks disability, death or worse, a failed bicycle trip!

Dagabum Mini brackets are not intended for mounting on children’s bikes.

Bicycle frames and forks are different, so always stick to their limitations. If you are not sure if the cage can be hung where you want it, ask your mechanic. Steel frames allow for experimentation. It is better to leave a sports bike with a butted frame alone and mount the holder only on the fork/damper. Do not exceed the weight of 1 kg of load suspended on two brackets.


Dagabum Mini can be attached to the frame/fork with screws or clamps. Always try to protect the frame/fork before assembly (with tape or washers). When mounting the strap anchor with a bolt, be careful of the strength of the thread in the fork/frame (usually there is a mark with maximum tightening force). When assembling the bracket with cable ties, tighten them by hand. Then you can be sure that you will not damage your fork. If you are tightening cable ties with a tool, remember not to use too much force. It is best to fix the strap anchor with two cable ties. Glue the washer so that the closed cable tie does not touch the frame anywhere.

CARBON FRAME/FORK: Do not use cable ties, screw the mount in place and with the force provided by the frame/fork manufacturer.



Try to drive with a load. Remove Dagabum Mini after the trip.

When driving “empty”, never leave the transport straps in the brackets.

Try to squeeze the load as much as possible. During the trip, check from time to time for
looseness. It is best to carry soft items such as clothes, mats, towels, sleeping bags, a tent (without poles), etc.


Attaching the transport bag to the Dagabum Mini holder

On the back of the bag you will find laser-cut holes for the transport strap. Make an intertwining so that the strap goes through the Mini and the bag at the same time (in the photos in the gallery I showed how it should look like). Squeeze tight afterwards.

When removing the bag, do not tug, the end of the transport strap may catch on the holes. I recommend calm and patience 😉 It is best to roll an empty bag and fasten it on the steering wheel.

Hand wash only, in water with a maximum temperature of 30 degrees. Do not iron.

The bag is not used to transport drinking water.

The bag is designed to store soft things. Clothes, towels, mat, sleeping bag, tent (no poles), etc. Metal/hard objects with sharp edges will quickly puncture it. This is due to the type of material used and the place of hanging the bag.